In a Desperate Need for Co-owners!
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Hey guys!
As you all know, I'm quite a busy person. I live in a dormitory and therefore I have limited access to the internet. The only times I'm able to get my hands on my laptop as much as I want are on the holidays, which is currently coming to an end really soon. So, I'm looking for anyone who wants to co-own this site. I'm not too picky, as long as you fulfil these requirements below, you can be in my team!
I'm looking for someone who's open-minded, honest, and has good taste on books. It doesn't matter if you like a book that's not hyped or popular as long as you can explain why you think it is a good book, and if you hate a book, I also need you to explain why it doesn't fulfil your expectations.

I don't want any reviews with bad grammar. I don't mind you using internet slangs or daily slangs on reviews, I don't even mind you using words like ASDFGHJKL. But, if you can't even tell the difference between your and you're, then, I don't need you in my team. Oh, this site is only for English books, so of course I need someone who understands English language.

Well, the reason I need a co-owner is because I want someone to replace me writing reviews when I can't, right? So, I need you to be active. At least I want 3 reviews per week (or maybe if you really want to be a co-owner, we can discuss about this later). If you're not able to write reviews, though, you may also post something book related, like book signing info in any part of the worlds, or any interesting things you can find on the internet that's still book related. And the reason I want you to be active on social medias is so you can advertise this site to your twitter followers, friends, or anyone. Not to hard, right? That's probably something you can do everyday (if you're not in a boarding school).

This is probably the most determining qualification of all. If you don't love books, why are you even here? I need someone who reads books on daily basis. Well, actually it's not me to judge about one's love for books. If you call yourself a book lion (a reference to polandbananas20's youtube video, then you may sign yourself up. 

I guess those are all the qualifications I need in my future-co-owners. What? Did I just use plural? Yes. I need more than 1 co-owner. Basically, I need around 2-3 people so we can take turns on reviewing and posting contents. It would also be awesome if any of you can create a layout for this site! I would love that! 

If you're interested in joining my crew,  send me an email through here and post a comment on this entry indicating that you're really interested in joining. Please tell me your name, where you come from, how old you are, and any social medias that I can use to contact you (preferably twitter, but if you're okay using e-mail, then that's fine). I also need a review that you made by yourself, you can choose any book you like, but I'd prefer books that I haven't reviewed here.

Finally, if I get back to you and tell you that you can be my co-owner, then we're going to have conversations regarding this site. So, please please please sign yourself up because I'm in a super desperate need of co-owners!

Thank you!

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Blogger Kelechi Alfred said on 26 July 2015 at 00:58  

Hey, I'm super interested!

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