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Sunday, 27 December 2015 @ 07:47// 1 comment(s)

Hi there, you awesome book nerds!

How was your holiday? Was it great or lame because you stayed home all day? Either way, I have a favor to ask you. A really really HUGE favor. You see, I've been a book reviewer ever since March 4th. But, the amount of this site's followers is nowhere near many. So, I decided to motivate you all into following me! Har har.

I'll be keeping track of both my blogger and bloglovin's followers. So, I guess I need both of them to be 50 by New Year's Eve. You can follow me via blogger/google account here and via bloglovin here.

So, what's the catch? 

If I have 50 followers by New Year's Eve (which is actually quite a long shot), I will host a giveaway! I will buy ONE lucky person a paperback copy of any title he/she desires as long as it's not more than $12. I will be buying it from Book Depository and have it mailed to your address! This giveaway will be opened INTERNATIONALLY. You will have a shot! Well, as long as your country is on this list, then you'll be fine. But, for Indonesian residents, I guess I'll be using Periplus instead of Book Depository.

Tempting, isn't it?

So, what are you waiting for? Follow me, immediately! Tell your friends to follow me! Ask your relatives to follow me! Shout my blog's name on the rooftop! Let the world know! Just click the tweet button below!

Follow on blogger and bloglovin! She'll be hosting a giveaway once she reaches 50 followers by New Year! #giveaway (click here to tweet)
Make sure it reached 50 by New Year, guys! Or I won't have time hosting the giveaway at all.

Actually, if it doesn't reach 50 by New Year, then I'm planning to host a giveaway ONCE it reaches 100 followers. But, perhaps not anytime soon. 

You see, I really need many followers because it helps me getting ARCs and Review Copies WAY WAY WAY easier. Most publishers and authors check reviewer's followers first before giving the copy, so it really matters to me. Please, guys! Help me! I will be sending mental hugs and kisses across the ocean if you help me. JUST THIS ONCE! It's not like I've asked for anything else, right? Just think of this as one more good deed in your life! Help me, and you'll get a hug from this lovely kitten.

Written by Inas

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Blogger Syamsid Dhuha said on 27 December 2015 at 21:10  

Hahaha looks like you are almost like a "hunting dog" but no worries your efforts it might have some effects . At first , It's pretty hard to gain a follower . I believe you know how difficult it is right ? So ganbatte . I will follow you .Now where's that button ~~~ Muehehehehe . Ganbarou ! :D

WOah this is your first post , I'm glad to be your first comment at your blog . Yahoo . Haha . Btw Keep it up with a good post . Who knows , you might be inspired other blogger to be like you :)

Blog link - Syamsid Blog -

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